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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching requires one to put aside the current doubts and challenges to create a vision of future success. Only when you have clarity on where you want to go, can you lead yourself and others to get there. While the context of an executive role and an adult with ADHD are dramatically different, they both face all-consuming challenges that make it difficult to find the clarity, time, and agency to set their own course. Without a leadership pursuit, one can feel lost, an imposture, or doubt their worth. Leadership is simply being in charge of your endeavors. A leadership coach is someone who can help guide you in the process.


Areas of Coaching

Executive Roles

The job of an executive is to set the direction, inspire buy-in for the goal, cultivate a team, meet people where they are at, and communicate effectively so that everyone is aligned and working to achieve the desired goal.


Leadership is full of pitfalls. There is doubt or feeling like an imposture. There are team challenges and culture challenges, where not everyone is on board with change. There are challenging peers, market conditions, or unexpected set-backs. 

A leadership coach helps you maintain clarity on where you are going, why it's important to get there, navigate the challenges you face, and refine your ability to stay on task, build a performing team, and stay focused on what you control. 

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Adults with ADHD

Leadership coaching helps adults and young adults with ADHD make progress in the areas that are most important to them through awareness, shifts in perspective, tools, self-directed solutions, accountability, and grace.


ADHD can make future planning and goal setting difficult, but not impossible. It helps to have an extra brain that can listen for your strengths, values, and passions, then help you construct those into a vision for yourself.

When the vision is set, a Leadership Coach can help you find ways to make progress even if your focus is variable.

Adults with ADHD Family

Whether you have ADHD or not, a leadership coach can help you to better understand why your partner or child does what he/she does, how ADHD might be uniquely affecting them, and how to manage your own stress and needs while improving your ability to support them. 

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Diary of an ADHD Coach

This is where I share the common struggles and insights I witness as I, the people I know, and the people I work with explore living with ADHD and creating change in their lives.

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Certified Professional Coach: Executive & ADHD Leadership

When I started my coaching certification in 2018 I felt lost both career-wise and personally. I was divorced, single, and my recent enterprise as the president of a marketing firm came to an end. Coaching gave me the tools to assess my life, find an objective viewpoint, address guilt and shame, then make conscious choices that could moved me to where I wanted to be. It was wonderful, except I had undiagnosed and untreated ADHD. I had some of the tools. I put in the effort. I was being regularly coached. Yet, I still felt stuck, and it was frustrating. My clients were all consistently making progress, so of course I thought the problem was me. 

Fast forward a few years. Several people around me had shared their ADHD stories. Eventually it clicked. Why was my career filled with a variety of lateral moves? Why did I move house regularly? Why did I have so many hobbies where I went in 1000% only to lose interest to another hobby in 3-6 months? Why did my kids call me Dory from Finding Nemo? Why did I have rules like, don't leave the kitchen while you're cooking unless you want to burn dinner? Why did my ex routinely text me to remind me of the thing I was suppose to do that day for the kids? Why do I have a dozen organizers and can't consistently use a single one? Why do I need my friends to teach me how to organize my closet? I could go on and on. But of course the answer is ADHD.

Knowing you have ADHD is both a relief and an opportunity. Your history and tendencies now makes sense. The question is, what do you want to do about it going forward? Which parts of your glitchy brain do you want to rein in? Where do you have super powers that others don't and how can you leverage those going forward? It isn't a doom and gloom sentence. It's an opportunity to become informed and give yourself the tools and support you need to have the things that were out of your reach before. It's an opportunity for you to take charge of you.

As I invested the time to get tested and treated, I decided to adjust my coaching focus to help both executives and those with ADHD not only manage their day-to-day challenges, but to create and pursue their vision of future success.


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What’s Being Said


I highly recommend Angela's coaching to everyone. She  is phenomenal at judgement-free listening and has guided me to insights that have had a revolutionary effect on my life. Struggling with shame and embarrassment have been a central part of my life for many years, but coaching with Angela has helped me realize I have had the keys to my shackles this whole time.

Grace Martin

I highly recommend Angela Greenwell as a life coach! She has helped me change my life for the better even in these most chaotic of times. I have started working out again, I’ve lost 15 lbs, I was able to get my house on the market and sold for over asking price with multiple offers, get out of a relationship that wasn’t right for me, switch to Ansley Atlanta and overall feel happier and healthier than I have in years. I am truly excited for what my future will bring. Thank you Angela!

Tricia Quidley

Genuine, intuitive, and professional with life experiences of her own that make her unique coaching-style so effective!  It's easy to connect with Angela and express what is in your heart and on your mind - all essential in getting real results.  Sessions are dynamic, insightful, and support clients' agenda.  She is truly invested in meeting you where you are, helping you move forward, and supporting you in creating your best life.

Michelle King

How did Angela's coaching make my life better?

Psychologically - I feel WAY more confident about myself. Recognizing choices, letting go of what doesn't matter, I can enter situations trusting myself and others and focus on creating something amazing.

Professionally - these are the most tangible improvements. My leader continues to express her gratitude around how I've been showing up since coaching. Other leaders in the company have expressed similar sentiment. I recently received a special "Founders Equity Grant" as special recognition of my contributions in 2019, and I believe that ending the year on a positive note (with help from Angela and her coaching) contributed to this outcome. Moreover, it seems more and more people at work are feeling comfortable approaching me, as requests for my participation in projects and efforts have grown in the last two months. More opportunity to create, more opportunities to grow.

Personally - I am able to recognize choices everywhere. And recognize the level of control I have over every aspect of my life. This has improved my eating habits, helping me breach the 250lb wall I've been struggling to reach for a year. I've also completed the first draft of a novel, a life goal that I've started at least five times in the past and never finished. These achievements stem from the simple mantra Angela's coaching helped me develop: Recognize your choices, know the outcome you want, and choose accordingly.

Jim Christopher

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